A family member asked if she could leave her baby for a couple of hours to go run some errands and hasn’t been back in days. I later heard from others who had spoken with her that she was saying she wanted to get rid of the baby and was taking her someplace (to my house) that she knew would call to report. I have not been able to get in touch with her.
Assuming she’s okay, how would I go about keeping the baby? I’m willing to care for the baby since he’s already with me, but I’m not a foster parent, never applied to be one, etc. Can anyone tell me how this would work and what steps I need to take? Do I need to become a foster parent first and he’ll be placed elsewhere while I try? Can I get some sort of emergency care custody? I fear calling CPS and them just coming to get him without considering for him to just stay at least until something more permanent is determined. He’s been here 5 days so far. I’m at a loss! Help please.
Hello! Not sure if this got resolved for you, but generally as long as you could pass a background test they should be willing to leave the child in your care.
You would be considered Kinship (Child being placed with a family member of the biological mother or father) , which generally requires only a background check and a home study.
You could choose to become licensed as a foster parent, which you could do while he is in your care under Kinship.
I have had six foster kids and only 2 of those placements have gone to Kinship, which took months to find. Kinship is the main goal until the child returns home or is adoptable, so if a Kinship placement is ready and willing right from the get-go, there is no reason they should try to remove him from your care unless you have a concerning criminal history, cps history, or cannot pass a home study.
I hope everything is working out for you!