I'm having some trouble figuring out what's needed to obtain a passport for my son before the adoption is finalized.
Our attorney says we need to obtain written permission to travel from our agency, then take that, along with BC and petition to adopt, to an in-person appointment to get a temporary passport.
Our adoption agency says our attorney has to file the paperwork to get a court order...
Has anybody been through this process and knows what's needed?
Thank you!
I didn't get a reply through this forum but I'd like to record my experience for people who may have the same question in the future because it was quite confusing and we were asked for different documents at different times.
First of all I scheduled an appointment with the passport agency (SF) even though we didn't have imminent travel plans. Given the confusion around the requirements, no one at the passport agency had any objection with us having booked an appointment although strictly speaking we didn't meet the requirements to qualify for one -- i.e. travel within the next 2 weeks.
The standard document list is:
1. Completed form DS-11 - YES
2. Citizenship evidence + photocopy - YES: ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE
3. Show parental relationship - SEE BELOW
4. Present ID + photocopy - YES
5. Parental consent - SEE BELOW
6. Passport photo - YES
For this we provided a certified copy of our adoption request (+ photocopy). Although it is only a request and doesn't show a parental relationship between us and our son, it shows the process is ongoing and it references the agency currently having custody of our son.
For this we used form DS-3053 ( It was filled out by the agency that has custody of our son, notarized and accompanied by a copy of the ID that the notary used to identify the agency representative.
This showed consent, but the passport agency also asked for proof that the agency had indeed custody of our son. Our attorney insisted that this was not required because the agency is not just some random person making a statement but a state-accredited body, however they insisted so they contacted the agency directly and they faxed over a copy of the relinquishment papers to the passport agency.
With all of this, the passport agency consented to issuing a passport.
The passport was issued in our son's birth name but is endorsed with what will be his name after finalization which was very useful because some of his tickets, which we had already purchased, were in his future name.
The passport is valid for one year.
After finalization, we can book another appointment and, with the adoption decree, we can have a new passport with his new name at no extra cost (if within one year).
Hope this helps someone out there.