So thru AncestryDNA I found my bio family.
Contacted bio parents first out of consideration before trying to contact my siblings.
The response email from my bio Mom was demeaning and rude, in spite of the gentle and non-threatening tone of the email I sent her. I basically told her not to be distressed by this and that I would not intrude on her family and any future contact I was leaving in her hands.
I understand it is a sensitive issue. She asked me not to contact any of her relatives about this as they do not want any upheaval in their family at this time. She did give me the gift of confirming it was them, but I already knew from the DNA and info from social services.
So I am respecting their wishes, but really wish I could meet my siblings.
Hope they come around sometime.
But I was really shocked at the rudeness of her response to me as this was our first personal contact ever. I guess they were not concerned with what my first impression of them would be.
Anyone gone thru this before?
Were you able to get in touch with siblings?