My family wants to add another child through adoption. If you know anyone looking to place their baby for adoption or anywhere we could start looking please message me.
Hi my name Mia , I'll probably don't get any chance because this such a weird thing to ask and also because most people want to adopt a baby baby but it doesn't hurt to try , anything can happen.
Well I'm 18, I live in Africa and I'll love to have a nice loving family who'll let me part of their family.
I was raised by my mom (I love her tho) , my dad was rarely around I don't even know what's like to have a Dad and it kinda sucks.
I kinda always craved precious family moments like being in a normal loving family where there's a mom and dad , where we eat dinner together, where there's fun family time ; celebrate holidays ; go on vacation …etc
Sometimes I feel selfish because my mom still took care of me wich I'm grateful for it, despite "father" been rarely around, but sometimes I feel so sad or maybe a little tiny jealous when my friends talk about their dad or I see family moments on TV and I'll be like " oh well I wished I had those moments too"
But it's also my dream to live in USA and I'm want to move there because that's where I wanna start my career and I'll love a family there who'll at least take me in and let me be part of their family.
I know most family always want a baby baby but teenagers are sometimes fine too ….
Anyway I'm not a scam you can just email me and talk and you'll see I'm a good honest person.
Here's my email :
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