Ever since becoming a parent myself, the most important thing in the world to me is the knowledge that my kids are safe and ok. Even if it's not the top thing on my mind at the moment, there's always a part of my thoughts hoping that they're getting along well.
Since I was given up for adoption as a young child, and adopted to a family in a far off country, I also wonder if my birth parents ever wonder if I'm safe and well.
Dear birth parents: I'm safe, healthy, educated, financially secure, professionally accomplished, married to a wonderful spouse, and have great kids of my own. I have had an absolutely amazing life so far.
I don't know the situation that preceded my adoption, but I don't think less of you for your choice and I hope your lives have been made better for it. Please rest a little bit better knowing that I'm grateful for what you did, and with the knowledge that I'm safe and secure.
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