i was adopted at the age of 12, due to childhood trauma i don’t really remember much of growing up.
i have always known i was adopted. i’m white and my dad is a noticeably hispanic man. i also have a sister who is black and another sister who is brazilian. i’ve traveled a lot with my family and we’ve returned to australia (which is where i was born) for a holiday.
my sisters are twins and 2 years older than me, they’ve never really accepted me as their little brother and blame my father’s suicide on me. i know it’s not my fault (he was schizophrenic). i have no interest in seeing my mother (she was an awful parent and i was born addicted to heroine because of her).
my boyfriend (who is in the british foster care system) has urged me to go see them because he doesn’t know any of his family.
i’m just nervous because the only memories i have of them were extremely negative and consisted of them bullying me. i know they’ve likely changed as they are now adults but i can’t help but be curious but also nervous.
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