Hi , I'll probably don't get any chance because this such a weird thing to ask and also because most people want to adopt a baby baby but it doesn't hurt to try , anything can happen.
Well I'm 18, I live in Africa and I'll love to have a nice loving family who'll let me part of their family.
I was raised by my mom (I love her tho) , my dad was rarely around I don't even know what's like to have a Dad and it kinda sucks.
I kinda always craved precious family moments like being in a normal loving family where there's a mom and dad , where we eat dinner together, where there's fun family time ; celebrate holidays ; go on vacation …etc
Sometimes I feel selfish because my mom still took care of me wich I'm grateful for it, despite "father" been rarely around, but sometimes I feel so sad or maybe a little tiny jealous when my friends talk about their dad or I see family moments on TV and I'll be like " oh well I wished I had those moments too"
But it's also my dream to live in USA and I'm want to move there because that's where I wanna start my career and I'll love a family there who'll at least take me in and let me be part of their family.
I know most family always want a baby baby but teenagers are sometimes fine too ….
Anyway I'm not a scam you can just email me and talk and you'll see I'm a good honest person.
Here's my email :
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