I am trying to help my Boyfriend find his past
I have all the paperwork but these are the most important details
He was born on March 11, 1984 in Windsor Ontario at Salvation Army - Grace Hospital
His Birth name: Brian Adam B.
Birth Mother: was 21 years old at time of birth
Siblings: Brian Adam had one sibling who was 16 months at the time of his birth which mom had kept
Birth Mom had 3 brothers at the time of birth they were 25/24/22 years old
Birth Father: Not a lot of information provided, he was 5'11, brown hair and brown eyes
Reason for adoption: Birth parents had only a short term relationship. Mother plans on returning to school, and felt that keeping baby would be unfair to both present child and this baby. Mother fells that adoption will provide with more opportunities, and a 2 parent family. Decision to relinquish was a painful and difficult decision for her to make.
Please help me find his birth family......