It takes a tribe to raise a child. I believe that. Over my lifetime I’ve watched family members turn their backs on one another or turn to alcoholism to the point that they die or become completely isolated. My family has had a problem forming attachments for generations. I made a promise to myself a long time ago that the buck stops with me and that I would teach my children a new way to be so that the generations who come after us don’t suffer from this.
I am a 37 year old woman with two daughters and no one but my husband to call family. I crave the family experience. And I know that healthy adult attachments are vital to raising my children to be resilient and happy in this world. So I have decided to build a tribe for them, for me, and for the people who come into our family needing healthy attachments also. My husband is in the military so we are not wealthy people. We cannot help you finance your way through college or buy you expensive things. We definitely cannot help you immigrate to America (it doesn’t work that way anyway). But we do have love to give, a place to celebrate with people who care about you, and the offer of unconditional bonding.
What I am Looking For:
I am looking for legal adoption. Once you choose me as your family, you’re taking me, my children, and my husband and I expect that to be a permanent commitment. Considering how serious that is, expect to take some time getting to know us before we all decide that legalizing our relationship is the best next step.
We are looking for any relationship. If you are a parent-figure interested in adopting me as an adult child—let’s talk. If you are a young adult needing a parent in your life—let’s talk. If you are similar to me in age and looking to form a sibling-like attachment—let’s talk.
But What If I’m....?
Gay? Trans? Overweight? Disabled? Suffering from some mental health issues? Come from a traumatic background? Aged out of the foster system without a family? In a foreign country (but capable of obtaining your own immigration status)? None of these and you have your own reasons? That’s ok. Our family is a safe place. The only expectations we have of you is that you are:
1. Capable of loving without hurting us physically, financially, or emotionally.
2. Dead serious about a lifetime familial commitment and legal adoption.
3. Not addicted to drugs or alcohol. (Sorry, that’s a trauma trigger for me.)
If you’re serious and you really could see yourself merging into a growing new family then please do contact me. I’d love to hear your story.
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