Are you an adult male who needs a father in your life? I'd love to have a son, so if you are looking to fill that void, please respond to this post, and I will tell you more about myself.
Hey I would be interested on being your son and I would like to have a father figure in my life I’m 26 years old and lives in Philadelphia
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Hello Sir!
Im Jaymark Sison Cagandahan, an 18 year old guy from the Philippines. I want to be adopted because im a part of a broken family and my Dad left us when i was just a kid. I still knew him and we still have communication but he didnt give us any financial support even just a small amount of money. Now my dad is married with another girl and thats the part of my life that i really hated the most because my mom is working too hard just to support me and my siblings by herself and after being an Overseas Filipino Worker in Japan for 3 years, she cannot find a stable job to support us continuously because she doesnt have enough money to start any business or find a stable job because shes having too much debts before she go to Japan and it really costs a lot, the trainings, the legal papers to work there etc. Now she's jobless for a year and she cannot support my studies as a Bachelor of Science and Accountancy student in an private institution. Even if im a scholar as a consistent honor student, its not enough to finish my studies, not just my studies but also my younger brother and younger sister's studies. I dont attend my class very often because my mom cant give me enough money ( for transportation costs and cost for foods) and sometimes i didnt take a lunch break because i dont have money to buy something to eat and im just going to the library and feeding myself through words of the books. Thats why I want a willing parents who wants to adopt me as a child who can support my studies and that can develop me to a better person and that will love me even if were not biologically related and after that, I want to find a stable job to support my families, the one that adopts me and my family that i left in the Philippines. I promise that i will be a good son and i will strive hard to be the best son that you will have and I promise that i will repay all your sacrifices and hardships for me. I know it costs a lot to adopt me coz im from the Philippines but as i promised, I will repay all of your sacrifices and hardships more than everything that you gave to me. I will never waste that opportunity i will always show my deepest gratitude to the parents thats willing to take me as their child. I promise that i will help you in every way that i can for our family and I will not gonna be like such a burden in the family and I will do my best to be the best son in the world and everyday in my life, i will never stop showing my deepest gratitude for you! :) I have many words to say but I will tell all of that when we met personally and take me as your son.
Thankyou and Godbless! :)
Email me at if you want me as ur son and im very glad and its an honor to be a part of your family! :) Thankyou!