My husband and I have made the decision to foster/adopt, and will likely be 22 and 24 by the time we finish our classes and homestudy process. We are young, but both finished college a few years early, got married early, and have well-paying full time positions. We will have minor, if any, debt (other than a mortgage) by the time we begin the adoption process.
Originally, we were going to just open our home and foster for ages 8 and under, and if a child in our care became available for adoption, we would consider it at that time. We knew we would be capable of fostering.
I, however, have made a grave mistake by going on our state photo listing, and finding a sibling group of 4, who immediately resonated with me. We both come from large families (I am one of 8, my husband is one of 11), and I am particularly drawn towards sibling groups- I think separation of siblings is one of the saddest things involved in adoption, but know that their chances of aging out increase without it. Further, I felt very connected to their biographies, and now I have a hard time stopping myself from thinking about them near constantly.
So I am completely enamored by this group, but even if I can get my anxious husband on board, I do not know if we would be eligible due to our age. At the time we would be able to adopt (assuming they are even still available for adoption at that time), the oldest will be a 12 year old girl (the others will be a 9 y/o girl, 7 y/o girl, and 5 y/o boy).
Would a CW allow one parent to be only a decade older than their adopted child? We are not people in our 20's aiming to "adopt" teen roommates or anything- we really want a family and stumbled upon this group. To me, when I was 12 I thought people in their 20's were ancient, so part of me wants to believe that we really can establish a regular parent/child rapport, although it is fully possible that I am looking at the possibility through rose colored goggles because I want so badly for this to work.
Any thoughts are welcome
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