I was born at the Civic Hospital on November 2nd, 1969. My given name prior to adoption was Shawn Jeffrey, last name unknown. I have just begun my search for more information and have requested the Long form of my Birth Certificate to gain access to my mother`s biological last name. I have 3 older half siblings whose names are unknown but birthday months and year are below
Half Sister- March 1965
Half Brother- May 1966
Half Sister- September 1969
Mother was born in June of 1949
Father December 1945
My biological father was never involved as he was married which my mother discovered after she became pregnant
Thank you
Hi there
Have you received your long form "Statement of Birth" document yet?
If so, let me know if you need any help making further inquiries. Just shoot me a message.
Hi Marshall, I have received it and while I have the last name of my mother, my file from Children`s Aid specified my mother was in the process of getting a divorce and her married name would undoubtedly change soon after I was placed for adoption. My biological father was also NOT her husband, they had separated by the time she met my bio father and I do have his first and last name but only have his month and year of birth, my mother the same, don`t have her precise date of birth nor what is likely her last name now.
My file contained quite a bit of info, was also neat to know my birth name was Shawn Jeffrey (still have the same middle name)
I haven`t any idea if she is still alive, she`d be 72/73 which isn`t old but you never know, I have 3 half siblings who, according to the CAS file were "devastated" when my mother placed me for adoption so there might be a chance they have put their name on the adoption registry but even if they have, I haven`t a clue how long it would take for the government to make the match but we shall see. Feel free to email me if you have any further suggestions, I think I`m in that holding period for now where all I can do is sit and wait.
Thank you for reaching out and my email address is
Kind regards
I know this is an old post but wonder if you tried DNA testing?
My siblings were able to get matches to their bio father family via Ancestry DNA matches
Just a thought