Hello, nice to meet you. My name is Yvonne.
I am an 19 years old student
I came to U.S. at the age of 15 from Korea
I might not be able to describe it as good as other native English speakers, but I hope you don’t feel uncomfortable reading this.
It is very difficult for me to continue my studies without help from someone, because I had to get a job to be able to live, therefore I couldn’t continue my education.
I tried to find my adoptive parents, but it's difficult and now I’m an adult. However if you could be the one, that would be so grateful.
I want a family and parents. I want to continue studying as other 19 year old college students do without worrying about money, or time shortages from working.
Sorry if my story was too messy and long. I tried to make it short. If you want to discuss anything, please contact me through my email
Thank you for reading this, hope God richly bless you all.