So we are hoping to adopt our current placement . We were told that the cases trial in coming up soon and that should be 'it' for the case.. like if no one has done anything they would recommend TPR (not sure exactly how that all goes, but in general they would head towards TPR)
The case is, without too much detail, mom has been in jail for the past year for drugs, and had LO in jail where we have had her since. We were told that if nothing has been done to get her back by the trial date they would move to TPR regardless of her being unable to complete anything due to her being in jail, because she made the choices she did to end up in jail and they don't generally extend cases unless a person cannot complete what they need through no fault of their own.
Bio mom is set to be released from jail in January, but she still has to do 90 days in a halfway home for sober living. LO is 8 months old and has never had a visit due to her being in jail as well so there is no bonding that has occurred.
But the trial is in February, and she still has to do 90 days when she gets out. We were told she can do her CPS classes while in the sober home.
Does it seem likely that they would give her more time to get everything going? Or do they generally give them the given time and thats it?
I'm mostly confused because I heard that they generally give a year and thats it. But we had a case where the parents did absolutely nothing and barely made visits for the first year and somehow got a 6 month extension and got their kids back.
I know bio mom has had 3 other kids taken away and fully adopted out due to drug use in the past few years, and from what I was told has been using most of her life. She has no family for kinship and no known dad.
I am wondering if they generally give cases like this extensions since technically she has not been able to complete anything?
If they do decide not to extend and request TPR, does she still have a chance to work her plan and get LO back?
And has anyone had a case where there have been no visits for this long? She has not seen her since after giving birth and now it has been 8 months. Does this generally effect the bond? Or is this person by person?
Thank you all so much in advance! I have just been getting my hopes up for adopting and stressing like never before. It's just difficult when getting the thing you want, means someone else has to lose the thing you gain. Thank you!