Hi! First I would like to start with the fact the name I use here is a complete screen name, nothing close to my actual name, it is to protect myself from my biological mother who I am afraid would go off the deep end. I'll eventually share my name with you as a sign of trust.
I am a 20-year-old transgender male. I am hormones but I have not transitioned any other way so far. I was raised by a very abusive mother. I was beaten as a child, I was emotionally toyed with, I still am emotionally toyed with. There is no doubt in my mind the only reason I am even in contact with her is because of guilt. And not that I've done anything wrong but because she's got this weird complex where I should be grateful towards her for giving bare basic needs and that I now should owe her my life for not... killing me!? Her moods constantly change she can go from hating me with everything she possibly can, holding everything over my head, to a sweetheart who appreciates me. I'm sick of it. I want a mom I don't have to tiptoe around. I want a mom who can accept me as her son and not use my identity as a way to make them seem like a warrior mom, and I don't want to be legally adopted, you don't have to include me in the rest of the family (unless you would like I'm not protesting it, just merely stating it's not necessary), I do NOT want money, I will not be asking you for a place to stay. I simply want a mom who will love me.
I am looking for an adoptive mother who will just treat me as her child and love me without me feeling like I'm pressured to love them back, I want a mom that I can share my achievements with and she praises me rather than undercuts me and brings me down. I am just looking for support in a maternal form.
I am more than ready to answer any questions you have and more than ready to be loved. I have made an email specifically for this. please contact me. serious inquires only, I'm so lonely. I only have my fiance and his mother isn't a ray of sunshine either. I just need a mom. please
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