I have 2 questions regarding filing N-600K.
I am a US citizen by birth, married to a Romanian citizen, and I have obtained long-term residence here.
2+ years ago, we adopted a little Romanian girl.
I want to file the N-600K for her, but I have 2 small questions:
1. The N-600K instructions say the Romanian documents must be translated and accompanied by a certification from the translator. Does this also imply notarizing them? That's what everyone says, but I'm not sure how to get this done right.
2. Someone, who happens to work for the State Department, though not with this particular form, is telling me I need to get her an *immigrant* visa. That's the opposite of everything I've read. She says that, after I get an immigrant visa for her, then she will automatically become a citizen when she enters the country (which we will do this summer to visit family). Frankly, I think she's wrong, but I wanted to check. AFAIK, an immigrant visa is ONLY if you intend to move to the US, which we don't. I just want her to have citizenship.
Thank you!