My brother had a baby 10mths ago and just now took a DNA test- the baby is in a foster home locally. I am in the process of getting my home study done and background checks so that we can HOPEFULLY have the baby moved into our home. The issues is the foster family wants to keep him while the bio dad works his case plan and wait for the judge to decide custody. Bio dad told SW he wants baby moved to our house immediately while he works his case plan. If he fails to gain rights then we will move to adopt. BUT foster family wants to adopt him too. Can the foster family really keep him in their home while bio dad works his case plan ( about 1yr) even if bio dad wants baby moved with us his family? We have setup a nursery and completely ready to take the baby. We would have taken him from the hospital had we know he was born and had dad done DNA sooner.
How long have they had him. Depending on what state you are in will depend on the rules. I would recommend this....
-Keep track of all interations on a detailed spreadsheet. Emails sent time and dates, to who, regarding
-Contact the Case worker, GAL worker, CASA worker, Therapist, and anyone else who you might not know is involved in the case. (ask for this information if you do not have it. the sooner everyone is aware you are wanting to adopt this baby and keep the baby in the family the better)
-start homestudy and finish everything you have to do with Weekly updates to EVERYone mentioned above.
-ask for visitation IMMEDIATELY. start doing weekly visits via facetime or in person and then after this starts happening ask for weekend visits or overnights... this isnt unreasonable.
-go to EVERY court date, you can ask to be notified of every court date and show up . The judge will take this into considerations!
Hope this helps and if you need more information on relative placements or help in anyway through your journey please do not hesitate to inbox me or write back.
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