My wife and I signed up with an agency and received the different background requests. Originally thought they would be criminal checks however one is for a CARI which we just learned what it was.
In 2001 while married to someone else and in California cps was called by an out of state relative of my ex wife. During the investigation a DNA test was ordered and determined I was not the father and as such they said I had no more involvement in reunification or court appearances and listed me as the step father.
I then separated and divorced my wife. I never knew or was told what outcome with everything, if anything did, that was alleged involving me nor do I remember the exact allegations.
My ex wife died in 2012, and I know at some point the child was adopted out.
Should I disclose this now or let them do the check and deal with it if it ever comes up and if it does will this stop us from adopting?
I was never arrested and never convicted for anything.