We are finishing up our homestudy and have been painstakingly spending hours every week for almost a year now researching agencies. We have narrowed it down to American Adoptions, Premier (out of Nevada), Act of Love (Utah) or Graceful.
I would love some insight into these agencies via PM if that is acceptable, or even just insight into the process.
So far we are considering these are our major factors:
1. American Adoptions is placing #1 for us so far because of the risk sharing financial piece where you basically do not lose money due to disruption. We also have found hundreds of good reviews of them online from both adoptive families and birth moms which is very important to us that the birth mom be treated with dignity and respect of her choices.
2. We are struggling to find any reviews online for Graceful almost seems like there is a hush order on them because there are NO reviews. I just dont feel as comfortable with an agency that doesn't have reviews.
3. Premier and Act of Love have been very attentive with my questions, but I have heard that Utah and Nevada are not necessarily birth mom-friendly states. Also there is more financial risk it seems for disruptive placements with these two agencies. When you factor in the cost of one disruption, you are pretty much already into the higher expense range that AA would be.
Am I missing any important questions I should be asking or looking into? We are an upper middle class working family...that is to say, we will be relying on some loans for this process and so we need to be very careful about choosing an agency with low financial risk. We are already working on fundraising as well and will apply for grants when the homestudy is complete.
Thanks in advance for any help!
Hello Theresa,
I would love to hear if you made a decision between these agencies. We are also considering using American Adoptions for the same reasons and we have heard some great things about them. I am curious if you received feedback from others because we are in the final stretches of making our decision. Thank you so much for your time!
We are looking at graceful and American adoptions as well. Any insight what who you prick and how it want for you ? I have the same concern you listed with Graceful. We have spoke with them in the phone a few times.
Hello Theresa,
We are in the same situation as you and would love to hear about the choice you have made.
Can you tell us which adoption agency did you end up choosing? Any recommendation?
Thank you!