First off, if I'm posting in the wrong location, I apologize. Wasn't really sure where to post this kind of a question. If it needs to be some where else, please let me know and I will repost in the proper location.
I have some kinfolk that were adopted and are in search of the adoption records that have the birth parents names. Here is what we know....the adoption took place in San Antonio Texas, it was a closed adoption, it happened within days of birth, and based on the time, that has passed, there is a high chance that the biological parents are no longer living.
What process is needed to obtain the adoption records that would have the name of the birth parents on them? We are not looking to reconnect, just a curiosity. From what we understand, in Texas, if both biological parents have passed, the biological parents family are not notified of the request. I know different states have different laws, so asking specifically for Texas.
Full question
What steps are needed to obtain a closed adoption record in Texas, and, even though both biological parents have most likely passed, will the extended family be needed for approval and/or notified?
I appreciate all information given. Once again, we are not looking to reconnect. Just a curiosity. Thanks again.