If this is the wrong place, forgive me.
I have a question to ask. My husband and I adopted our 3 grandchildren 4 years ago through interstate (meaning they were in one state and we lived in another.)
In the 4 years, 2 of our grandchildren have made life so hard on us. The 9 year old rears up / breaks things all the time, from trying to pull the shower plumbing out of the wall, to breaking water faucets, tearing off kitchen drawer handles and so much more. He just does it, no triggers. The oldest is 16. She constantly is leaving the house in the middle of the night, not running away but to meet boys, etc. Police have brought her home more than once. Said that next time there will be court fees, and more, and that this will be our burden of expense, not hers.
Background on adoption: the man their mother was with was abusive. Courts was going to give custody to the mother (my daughter) if she would leave the man and provide a safe home for the children. She did not, she did not show up for visits many times nor showed much interest in being a part of their life. We, as grandparents, stepped in to receive them with open arms as any good grandparent would want to do.
Her mother is now with a decent, caring man and her life seems to be doing well. Is there any way she can have her children back? She wants them and 2 of the 3 want to go back to her.
Thank you kindly for your thoughts, guidence and answers.