We currently have a biological 1 year old son. I have bipolar disorder and sleep disruption really affects me, to the point that I can develop psychosis and have to go to the mental hospital. So having biological children is very difficult for us if not impossible. It was very hard having our son. My whole life I've been interested in adoption and am wondering if adopting an older child would be a better way to grow our family. But.... I know it is very difficult, and older children come with a lot of trauma, can have RAD etc.
My husband thinks adopting would be harder than having another biological child due to the stress of the trauma. I am not sure. Is there anyone on here that has adopted an older child and also had a biological child? Do you have lots of sleepless nights adopting an older child? Is the stress severe? I know a lot is unknown. Some children struggle more than others.
I'm not expecting a picture perfect family where an adopted child is grateful I "rescued" them, I am genuinely wondering if I am up to the challenge and interested in adopting.
Also, did anyone have a partner that initially wasn't on board but then changed their minds?
Everything is hypothetical at this point. If my husband isn't on board we won't adopt. I am just exploring and doing research