If anyone can help me in any way.. either with providing information or sending me in the right direction— I’d be grateful for my whole life!!!!! I am helping assist my mother in finding her biological family. We did recently order a DNA test.. waiting for it to come in.
DOB is 2-16-1970 in Catawba county to an unwed mother of the age 26 yo.
We recently found a search (she actually had started back in 2005-2006) where someone posted that they had only found one in the county fitting the information. I, for someone reason am not finding that information.
We do have non id information as well.
The biological mother had 3 kids prior (2 girls, 1 boy- she had custody of none) the bio mother had 6 sisters, 4 brothers.
The biological father had 3 kids with a wife. He also had 3 brothers. I have physical characteristics on parents as well as grandparents if that helps. Any questions or answers please reach out me. You can comment on here or email me at
Thank you in advance. Really hoping I can help my mother in this process, as she is 50 years old and deserves to know something.