My situation is very different from a typical adoption story.
I am happily married and financially stable, 31. We agreed that we want to have children to preserve good genes for humanity (think charity), but have zero interest in parenting and no support network (3/4 parents are dead, my husband's mom is on the opposite side of the world).
I am now 5 months pregnant. Next month we are supposed to start meeting perspective parents. I don't feel any different now than being not pregnant. I had no morning sickness. I suspect my hormones are not working normally. I don't feel loving my child (yet?).
All the stories I'm reading include birth moms experiencing love and grief. I can't find a single story about birth mom being calm and insensitive.
I'm sure most adoptive parents would be as good parents as ourselves, so I'm not worried about my child's future.
Curious to hear if anyone had a similar experience.