I just want to introduce myself and share a song I wrote.
A very long time ago I was adopted as a baby. My adoptive parents were the most amazing parents anyone could have had. My brother and I were told we were adopted as far back as I have memories. My bother and I never felt that we were adopted. I never really had a desire to know who my biological parents were. My adoptive Father died over 30 years ago and Mom 17 years ago.
So fast forward to a few years back. My wife has always been curious who my biological patents are. Mainly for heath reasons, but also just to know. Shen finally convinced me to take several DNA tests. She was also in communications with a genealogist who specialized in adoption tracing. After the third test the genealogist, with a 90% plus certainty, believed she knew who my biological parents were.
After a short time we decided that the genealogist should be the one to try and contact my biological mother. She had traced her down through high school yearbooks and other data and felt confident that she had the right person. She called and got mom on the phone. My bio-mom was rather evasive and ended the call saying that she did not want to make contact. Last year I sent a Christmas card which was returned a few weeks later torn up. A card was included that said she did not want to make contact.
After that experience we decided to try and make contact with my biological father. Once again we had the genealogist make the first call. In this case Dad was completely open and wanted to chat. It also turns out that I have a bunch of half siblings! Last year I made a trip down to meet Dad, a brother, and a sister. We all had a fantastic time and I felt really welcome into the family. It was a great experience. We all text and call each other often. Interestingly enough I now understand where so many of my traits come from.
Someday I still hope to meet, or at least talk, to my biological mother. I also have another two siblings on her side. A bit over a year ago I decided to write my feelings down in a song. Thanks to my oldest daughter the song was completed this year and I have it posted on my Soundcloud. I hope that it will bring comfort to others.
Just a short explanation. I am rather a musical hack, "knobhell" is the name of my rather large analog synthesizer.
Cheers everyone and Happy Holidays!
It appears the moderator removed the link to the song I reference in my post. Is there a problem with posting URL's?
If you go to you will find the song.
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