My husband and I are a somewhat younger couple (I am almost 30 and he is almost 26) and we both want to adopt a child from foster care. We are considering an age range of 8-12 because we are so young, though I am more open to children who are a little older. I am a high school teacher at a private academy and my husband is in law enforcement. We have no biological children of our own, but we do have dogs. :)
We have a slight preference for boys, though we remain open to both genders. We have not yet really gotten into the process yet. I have just reached out to an adoption coordinator and I will be speaking with her on my lunch break.
I was hoping to get a some advice from people more seasoned than I!
Are tweens/early teens too old for us given our current ages?
Will having dogs be an issue for prospective children?
Are there scholarships out there I can research for private schools (middle and high school)? I want any child we bring home to have the benefit of private, individualize instruction and the class sizes at my school are thankfully small. Plus I know my fellow co-workers well and I would be able to be a very active participant in our prospective kiddo's education.
I am so excited and nervous. I want to bring a kiddo into our home and devote love, time, structure, and attention to him/her, but I want to ensure we aren't putting the cart before the horse and setting ourselves up for failure by looking at an older age range who might not see us a both authority figures and a place of safety.