We live in MO. We are and went into foster care training strictly to get our adoption license, which we have had for almost a year. We have had one placement which was a known temporary placement at the beginning. I have made it clear to my worker over and over again (even in our home-study) what we will not take in due to our inexperience and also due to not having the proper behavioral training to handle these big issues. No kids of our own, and yes I know experience is good but many people have adopted without experience.
We've had two failed adoption interviews, first one we did very well on and understood why we were not chosen; second one was very unprofessional (long story); but we were one of two families and felt like the fit was not for us once we gathered more information that was not handed out in the beginning. Now, every time our case worker or other workers calls about a placement (which is almost always a foster placement) we are lied to and not told the whole truth (which I understand is in most states right?) about the situations the kids are in, even though they know the issue!
We are tired of being lied to, yes I know a private agency can lie but our goal is to adopt, not to foster at this time. We do want to foster after we raise a child of our own (long term goal).
I do not know however how to go about looking for private adoption stuff besides cold calling agencies in our state. We have an age range and a list of what will accept and what we want. We are not looking for a perfect child, my nephew has behavioral issues, we understand completely and if we did have our child we know it could be the same way. However, the issue right now I am having is to go private or stay in the foster care system.
Thank you for reading this and thank you for your care to kiddos all around!