When I finally relented and sent in my DNA, I was hoping to find my birth mother. I knew very little about her except the possibility she was older and single. To my surprise, it matched me with a brother that had the same thought as I did but a few years earlier.
He hadn't logged on in over a year, so I searched on FB and found a guy over a year younger that looked like me. His mannerisms it seemed were similar to mine. Then, there were posts of him by his adopted family's sister that she misses him. Shortly after, I found his obituary that he passed just over a year ago :disappointed:.
I respectfully messaged the sister and after 15 minutes of supposedly going through my timeline, she replied, "Yup, you're his brother. I guess your my brother then too!"
I was shocked - it started to sink in. I can't stop thinking about him and what could have been.
Now, I'm trying to figure out how to go forward with his sister - they were close. Do I meet with her to know more about him and his life? Or, do I start at an arm's length? She's open to tell me all about him and has been great feeding me info so far. I don't want regret anymore. Thoughts?
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