Babies, toddlers, and school-going children are bound to get their clothes dirty or damaged so they generally need more clothes compared to adults.Visit "Popopieshop" for a proper guide. How many do they exactly need, varies from child to child depending on various factors discussed below:
1) Age
a) Babies.
Babies grow very fast in the first year. So it is recommended to not buy a lot of clothes since they are eventually going to outgrow in months and won't get a chance to wear most of them a good number of times. So, you have to keep buying few clothes every month according to their size.
b) Toddlers
They require several clothes since they tend to get them dirty and worn out. They move around a lot, so they need to be comfortably clothed. Hence, their wardrobe should be consisting of more number f comfy clothes than fancy party wears. Invest in toddler boy clothes and girls' wear specially designed to keep them comfortable.
c) School Going
If your kid is of school-going age or in pre-teens, they need comparatively fewer clothes. As they don’t easily get their clothes dirty, and can also mix and match different outfits.
2) Gender
Female children usually require more clothes as there are a huge number of styles like frocks, maxis, dresses, skirts, various types of tops, etc. While boys have a limited kind of clothing hence don’t have a huge number of clothes.
3) Storage capacity
If you don’t have the arrangement of organizers at your home, it is unwise to buy so many clothes for your child. Either you invest in some good organizers or buy few clothes according to your necessity.
4) Budget
If you can afford it, there is no reason to not buy many clothes for your child. You can get all colors and types without worrying about running out of cash. Moreover, if you buy cheap kids clothes from thrift stores or yearly sales, the number of clothes is going to increase even more.
5) Laundry
The number of clothes your child has also depends on how often you do your laundry ad whether you own a washing machine or not because if you don’t, you’ll need more clothes for the child. And if you wash frequently, a few clothes would suffice.
6) Weather
If you reside in a summery area, you would not require layers of clothes for your children. A few t-shirts, 2-3 pajamas. 2-3 pairs of shorts would suffice for a boy. And for girls, 5-7 summery frocks and dresses, t-shirts, shorts, and jeans should be sufficient for one season. Areas with coll temperatures require multiple layers of clothing. Jackets, outerwear, sweater, gloves, socks, etc. are all winter essentials. So if you stay at a cool place, a lot of your storage space is going to be reserved for your child’s clothes.
To conclude, there is no limit to the number of clothes your child needs. But it is always better to buy less as the clothes will eventually get smaller on them and then be wasted. So spend wisely, keeping your child's comfort and desire in mind. Visit "Popopieshop" URL: for best quality and design.