Kind of wondering what the edges of the Adoption Credit expenses are. I realize folks aren't likely tax pros, but if there are things you've claimed/not claimed that might be helpful.
I have some very random, yet specific, questions!
Specifically, I'm curious about relocation expenses for the adoptee to the adoptive parent's home. Travelling expenses are listed, and presumably if the kid checked a few extra suitcases for a plane flight, that'd be covered. And, since it's the IRS, it'd probably be allowed the standard rate to drive to a new home. But what if they had to ship a box of clothes or something?
And, how far do "Other Expenses" go? If someone was being adopted from California to Alaska in December, does a warm coat count? Or other clothes, like if they'd been sharing clothing with a sibling and weren't able to bring it to their new home?
Pre-adoption medical expenses are typically counted by most as far as I can tell, but would that extend to a wellness checkup of the adoptee's service animal?
As my thoughts meander, it seems like the line is a little fuzzy between "normal expenses for having a child" and "expenses incurred because of an adoption." (Travel expenses explicitly call out meals and lodging, yet those are things we need anyway for example.)