This is my first post, I am new to FF. I was diagnosed with early menopause at 34 and now I'm 37, almost 38. My husband and I have made the decision to move to egg donation.
We are looking at treatment abroad and I am very interested in having treatment in Ukraine. They seem to provide a lot of information about the donor, including family medical history and photos. Intersonic also gives the option of nonanonymous donors, which is great. This makes the process much easier to move forward.
I have tried to search for recent posts about the clinics but I can't find any updated information, perhaps I am not looking properly.
There are two clinics intersono and isida that we found on egg donation friends so these are the ones we are looking at. I have never had IVF before so have no clue what I should be looking for.
It would be wonderful to hear from real people who have used these clinics and would like to provide some feedback. All feedback is a welcome smile
Thank you in advance