Hi everyone!
So my spouse is adopted and they have been curious to try to find their bio family. Mainly for medical reasons but also to see if the bio side would like a relationship with them (which is totally up to the bio side).
My spouse has taken 23andMe and Ancestry DNA tests and the Ancestryone found a set of grandparents. Through some really good memory as well from their adopted mum, we already knew the last name of the family and may have found the spouse's bio mom as well but we are not sure even though she fits a LOT of the criteria.
We think it may be safer to reach out to the grandparents (cause we can use the DNA test as a buffer instead of social media snooping and assumption) but we aren't sure how to word the email.
Definitely want to be sensitive but we just are at a loss at how to even introduce my spouse or start the email beyond "My name is XXXXXX and I hope you are doing well."
How did any of you start your letter?