My wife and I are trying to adopt a baby. We are home study ready. We have found 2 potential birthmothers, however 1 decided to raise their child and the other decided to have another family member raise their child. We are just trying to spread the word that we're trying to adopt. If you know someone that is looking into adoption, please pass on our information.
We both have great, steady jobs, attend a very diverse church regularly, and are located in one of the best school districts in Missouri. This child would be loved not only by my wife and I, but also our son, who was also adopted.
We have a very open relationship with our sons birth family. He had an older brother and our priority was to always keep them in each other's lives. In doing so, we have become quite close to their whole family. We attend their family functions and they attend ours.
Please help me to spread the word that we are looking.
Thank you and God bless.