Good afternoon,
I would like to adopt my son.
His biological father has never been in the picture and I have a letter from the Pennsylvania Bureau of Child Support Enforcement, stating that his AOP has been rescinded.
Is this the equivalent, legal way of saying that his parental rights and obligations have been terminated?
He filed this motion uncontested and it was granted to him. I’m asking because I would like to know how to navigate the first of two steps for adoption in Nevada, which is to file a motion to terminate his rights. If it is one less thing to accomplish, then we can proceed directly to our adoption hearing
I understand I will likely not find legitimate, legal advice here, unless an actual family law lawyer happens to support these forums and offer counsel. I’m just trying to get a lay of the land for this one (some opinions from people wise of the process), and iron out any wrinkles I might encounter before I seek an audience in court.
Thank you.
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