My dad is looking for his bio family. He was born in Omaha. He knows his bio mom was 21 years of age, had 1 year of college and had completed training to be a dental assistant. She was 5'5" and 160lbs with light brown hair, green eyes and a fair complexion. She was Irish, Scottish and Swedish in ethnicity backgrounds. She was also Catholic. His birth father was 22 when he was born and was 6'2" and 170lbs. He had blonde hair and blue eyes and a fair complexion. His nationality was Polish and had a HS education. He was in the military but was discharged in 71.
She also provided information about her parents and siblings. Stating her parents were divorced and both were remarried. She had 2 full siblings one boy(19) and one girl (22) and both were married. She also had 3 step sisters and 2 step brothers from her mothers remarriage and 2 half brothers and 2 half sisters thru her dads remarriage.
On his bio dads side she stated that his bio dads mom had left the home and his bio dad had one brother who was 15 at the time he was born.
She reached out to the adoption agency in 1993 for an update and also let them know that she was married, cleaned houses for a living and had a teenage daughter who knew about the adoption.
The adoption agency was Catholic Charities Childrens Services out of Omaha.
To start, your dad can consider taking the following steps:
1. Obtain Non-Identifying Information.
2. Search and Reunion Services.
3. Genetic Testing and DNA Databases.
4. Engage with Search Angels or Professional Searchers.