I wish I could help you but I'm as lost as you are. My sister doesn't know I'm searching for my niece so I have very little information. Just keep trying.
God bless!
I was born 10/27/70. Adoption was through Oneida County Dept. of Social Services, Utica, NY. I am polish/italian
Looking for my sister.
Race: White
Gender: Female
DOB: ??/??/1969
Born in New Orleans Louisiana
POSSIBLY born at Mercy-Baptist Hospital?????
May have been a ward of the state at one point after the age of 6 months.
May have blue eyes and lighter shade of hair color- Heck by the time if find her we'll both be grey!!!
Yes, I am looking for my friend's Bparents. She was born on 1/08/1969 according to her birth certificate...Please send more info.
contact me...was she born in Kansas City KS....birthmother last name is Buckingham
i was born march 19, 1969 harbor city, my mother was from Wisconsin and was staying with her sister and brother in law she has 4 brothers and had an affair with my father, whom was married with 5 kids, and as far as i know was never told of my birth.
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