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I would like to make everyone that visits this message board aware of the chats rooms that are also available on this web site. You will find the schedule of topics and times under the heading of Chat.Ӕ The chat area is also available for openӔ chat all the time... Please come visit and share.
All my best, kat
[font=Times New Roman][/font]I am 46.. just found my birth family. I have five sisters..
and a mother. It was very hard to get back in touch with my mom.. still working on it. But.. my sisters have taken me in. For Christmas. I have a family.
Can you please tell me where I go to chat? I can't seem to find it. Congratulations teuthida59!!
Meg :)
Me and my husband are trying to adopt our friends baby i just need someone to talk to about that where would i go? Like as in just someone to just tell our story to and talk to right now.