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I have read a few postings from people who were adopted through the Childrens Home Society, in which I was adopted through. I was shocked to find that some people say that CHS may have lied about their birth dates? I have a copy of my birth certificate but it has my adoptive parents' names on it as the parents, could this actually not be my birthdate?
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well, it could actually not be your birthday, but i can also tell you this, if you are looking at a birth certificate that has your adoptive parents names on it, then that means you are looking at your ammended birth certificate, so anything is possible, i would try to get your non id info, and go from there....
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Thanks for the info. I have my non-id information, but there is no exact date of my birth on that info.
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I hate to tell you this but it is entirely possible, and not just for CHS. The birth certificate you have is the amended one reflecting your adoptive parents as your parents. The original one is most likely sealed at state level depending on where and when you were born/adopted.