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We have an 8 year old foster son who has been out of Biological home 3 1/2 years. There is also 3 other siblings. Biological mom is moderatly DD also suffers from mental illness. She really isn't able to take care of herself let alone 4 emotionally disturbed children. The county just really seams to be dragging their feet to move toward the TPR. My question: Does anyone know the people to contact at the state level to look into this case. From all my research it really seems they are out of compliance with the ASFA.... These 4 kids really need to have permancy in their lives. HELP!!
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I know how you feel. Our sib group have all been in foster care since either 1 1/2 yrs or came in right at birth. Oldest had been in foster care over 6 yrs when tpr went to trial. Prior foster parents had contacted EVERYONE senators, reps, newspaper etc. to get this moving. The sad fact is, at least in IL, the law may be there but the Judge is really in control. Have you tried addressing the Judge in court or via letter (this is your right) and if the children have a therapist what is their take? Also, be sure the GAL is really looking out for the kids best interest and not just pushing another file across the desk. Best of luck to you, hang in there!
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Hi, Have adopted four children through the state of confusion oops I meant state of Wi. Things actually went very smoothly. Recently two foster children sued the state and won, look it up in the Milwaukee journal sentinel archives, they had been in foster care for years and sued and won. The new laws are 15 out of the last 22 months. I realize there are extensions but be real, out of curiosity what county are you in. Talk to GAL, or going to and get the name or number of the state dept of health and human services. Good luck...
yes this is the state of CONFUSION and i think 1/2 the state of wisconsin about all thay care about is how much money thay can get for some ones child no matter what it takes not olny that well i think others to are in it just for the money. and well if there was any one who realy cared well then thay need to show it now you see im a parent of some children that well this is happing to and well its not right at you see some of us who are parents we care alot for are children and well just becuse we may not have that much of money or well we have a disabillaty dose that give any one the right to take some ones children away? no it dose not and well dose any one even stop to think with all of this what i dose not olny to the child but well how about the parents? i dont think any one realy dose and well i for one do know. if you ask me the best thing for a family thats if thay are wanting and trying verry heard and thats to be a family let them the hell alone and just back on off . as to who or what would need to do it well let me see a-z . and if i made any one mad about this well i say im sorry i did so but well i had to say some thing . im one verry up set mother and one mother who dose care about here children . so the next time any of you are out shoping for children you need to know whos children you got there in your shoping basket. do you got a child who no one cares about ? or do you got a child who was takeing from there parents for no reason olny lie that some dam d.a. put in the court papers all becuse it looked good for them to put in it even if it was some thing that well was not happing or even going on and well was some thing some dam nut/crakhead or what have you. called up and told a case worker and well that made the fat case worker come out to well the home of so and so and well even though thay where told a lie in the fist place for some reason thay dont give a care if it true or not thay to olny care about the money for that the dam coffee and donnuts at there work and well siting on there ---- ! and well as long as thay can keep there self in a job hell thay dont care whos life thay mess up or any thing. in all i hope that helps you under stand the state of confusion oh i meant to say wisconsin
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