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Baby girl born at Springer Hospital on Evelyn Street, Johnson City, New York on May 5, 1951. Adopted by minister and his wife from upstate NY. Charlotte Durofchalk ran the hospital at this time. Please contact me if you have any
My heart skipped a beat when I saw your post. First, because I had not figured out why I ended up in Johnson City at birth until the discovery of Springer. Second, I felt a little relief knowing that I wasn't the record holder for taking 39 years to discover, all on my own, that my arrival into this life was the first of many secrets kept from me. Second of four daughters to a young couple, It would defy logic to even question my birth. I would love to know how the legal/medical and transfer of a child was handled to start accepting that this is a reality. I also wonder if Wilson Memorial Hospital worked in some fashion with Springer. My copied record of birth only shows the town. I hope I can soften the hurt you stuff in the back of your heart in sharing that, not all parents believe that knowing the truth is important. My parents devoted every ounce of effort to keeping the secret sacred. I also hope that there is another birth parent with the same committment and devotion to never give up that you so beautifully demonstrate. I thank you for any insight.
Hello, I am an adoptee, born 1/12/1946 probably at Springer Private Hospital in Johnson City, NY. Elizabeth Fletcher, now deceased, who lived on Allen Street in Johnson City, assisted in arranging my adoption. She was a teacher at Baptist Bible Seminary and very active in the Baptist Church in Johnson City. My birth mother was 23 and had at least one other child when I was born. I think an attorney that was involved had the name or one similar to Ressiguie. My adoptive family had the last name of VanValkenburg. That is almost all the information I have. Has anyone had success getting information about Springer babies? If so, I would be so thankful if you would share any information or ideas or contact me if you recognize any of this information as pertaining to someone you know.
Dear Kay,
I sympathesize with your search efforts. Both my father and my aunt were born at Springer. We have a birth cert. for my father, and his papers stating his mother's name and his name given at birth. However, we have had no success at finding her. I do know that some women changed their names for privacy, but I don't think that's the case with my father's adoption. Let me know if you have any questions, as I have gotten to be pretty familiar with the history of the hospital, etc.
Hello. I saw your post and wondered if by any chance you had any connection with the Tallman family who adopted two girls in the Johnson City area. You mentioned you were adopted by a minister and I think that this was a family who were missionaries. I am also seeking adoption information, and the lady who arranged my adoption, now deceased, knew the Tallman's. Thanks.
Birth Name: William Stephen Myers
Born on 2/28/1954
Born to a young mother, possibly from the Scranton, PA area. Possibly born at the Springer House in Johnson City, NY, or may have just been adopted thru Springer.
Hello William
I just found in my e-mail that you had posted a message to me. Since I originally posted on this site, I found my birth family through adoption papers in the safe of my adoptive mom whose house was flooded and I was cleaning out the house. She had continued to tell me she knew nothing about my family. I found my mom's name on the papers. My mom has age 63...and my dad died (he was from a totally different family) at age 47. BUT I do have siblings from both families and have met four of the 7 of them. I wish I could assist you in some way. I hope you have success. I am so thankful to have met brothers and sisters, but realize now that it is so different not having "grown up" with them. However, they have all been kind to me, but only the sisters seem to want to keep in touch.......something about the difference between women and men??? But I have met two brothers, and I hope to travel to FL this winter to meet one more sister..........incidentally, my husband cannot tell our voices apart on the phone. I wish I could help you. Pleas write if I can encourage in any way.
Thanks for your supportive message. I posted my message quickly as I was reviewing countless pieces of information online regarding the Springer Hospital.
My name is actually Timothy - my father, who has the same name, recently learned that he was born William Stephen Myers at the Springer Hospital. His adoptive parents died several years ago and he is now dealing with this news. I'm trying to help him as much as I can understand what this means and what this doesn't mean, but it can be difficult. He has very little information other than the fact that his birth mother was young and unable to raise him. I've done some research on Springer, that's how I found your posting, but I have found little information. Along the way, I've been posting his birth name out there just in case someone in his birth family is also searching. I guess we'll keep on searching and see what happens. Any suggestions?
Thanks again for your time and supportive words!
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I am trying to help my father locate his birth mother. His date of birth is 3/9/1954 and Joan E. Spencer is his birth mother, date of birth 5/29/1935. I know she was married to Harvey Latourettte at the time of his death in late 1960. She also gave birth to a girl on October 16, 1960 that was also adopted. We have found this woman and now just need to find the next piece of the puzzle. I also know that her Joan's mothers name was Susan Smith and also gave birth to a girl in late 1954 at Springer Hospital. If you have any information regarding this woman, PLEASE contact me at
My father was born, (or so he has been told), on 8/13/1952 at Springer Hospital in Johnson City, NY.
His birth mother was older - in her 40's, and no information is known about the birth father. He was adopted at 6 weeks by Lloyd and Margaret Crosby of Bainbridge, NY.
Looking for any information regarding any biological relatives.
Searching for any information about a baby boy born August 14, 1945 at Springer Hospital. The adoptive mother, Margaret Van Steenburg, was a nurse working at the hospital. Possible birth mother name is Helen LeFave based on results of the adoptee's daughter.