Any Maternity Homes in Kamloops B.C.????
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Looking to find out information on Maternity Homes in Kamloops B.C. Canada in the early 1970's, my Birth Mom was sent to Kamloops from Ontario to have me. Anyone with any info. on such places please post back, thanks
Marion Hillard home for unwed mothers
I am searching for a boy born in Kamloops, in 1973, ** stayed at Marion Hillard, had the boy at Royal inland hospital and CAS handled adopion...please get back to me at

tracy Wink
Again, Thank you for the info. hopefully this will help me out or other adoptees born in Kamloops!!!
Open Records in British Columbia

BC has open records you are able to obtain your mother's or your child's records by filling in this form and sending it in to Vital Statistics BC. [url][/url]
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