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Looking for sibling born around 1947 and adopted.
May have been born at home then taken to City Hospital.
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One source says it is a female but sister to bmom says it is a boy. I really don't know. I do have bmom's name and what was happening in her life then.
I wish I could find my adopted sibling.
thanks for enquiring.
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I remember 'you' you said, "I was not adopted by military parents, it was not me." I want you to know,my information is not written in stone, it may not be exact. I have found older people do not remember things exactly. The sister to my bmom could not have her story right. It may NOT have been military adoptive parents. I am keeping all possibilities open. Please, if I can answer anymore questions, please ask. O'Sullivan, I have not discovered in my search. But the possibility is there considering the history of my bmom.
My email is jonesll1@juno.com
I was born in Crawford W. Long Memorial Hospital in Atlanta Georgia on April 4, 1947.. My B-mom was 5'6 , 193lbs. She moved to Florida in 1948 and was pregnant again. I was born Richard Darl. She had a older brother, younger brother, 3 younger sisters and 2 were twins. Her father was a plumber. ... stormy_rainwolf@yahoo.com
Linda-I am a female born in Columbus in July of 1947. I have no names for birthparents but I do know the info I have states that my mother was born in Maine. Were my parents military, I don't know, but my adoptive parents rented to military even tho they weren't. Do you know a last name? I saw my original adoption papers years ago but I don't remember the birth name. Nancy
My mother was born in 1946 at city hospital. Not sure when the adoption took place, St. Louis was the city.
Linda, I hope you are still searching or have found your sibling! If you have congratulations! If not, do you have and more info than before? I am sending an e-mail to the address you gave also. Tks, Nancy