adopting older child from philippines
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i am looking for people who have adopted or are in the process of adopting an older child from the husband and are are adopting a girl age 2-4 years please contact cant wait to hear from you!!
adopting from Philippines
Hi there,

My name is Julie and my husband is Steve. We live in Perth Australia and are in the process of adopting from the Philippines.
We have been approved and our file has been there for 4 months now. We are expecting to hear something at any point now. We requested a child from 2 - 4 years and no gender request. We should not have to wait much longer I hope.

Would be nice to hear from you.

philippine adoption
dear jules,
its sheila at you replied to the question that i posted a few months ago and i am so excited to her from you. you did not leave me your email address so i do not know how to contact you except through is. please contact me at the above address i would love to see how your process is going. cant wait to hear from you..or any one else who is waiting to adopt from the philippines!
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