i am in a dilema here and i would like some input from others who might have gone thru similiar problems to mine. my heart has been touched by the thousands of special needs kids in america who need the permancy of a family of their own. i understand what their plight is if they age out of the system without that permancy. and i want to help and i want to add to my family thru adoption. i want to embrace one or more of these children and have them forever be a member of my family...my children. i have been in the homestudy process for over a year now. i started out in arkansas and went thru the whole process. they never told me i didnt have the qualifications. i presumed i would be getting a completed approved homestudy. then my heart fell for a mentally challenged teenager from tn. arkansas discouraged me and told me it was very lengthy to bring a child thru interstate compact. so since i was renting a house, i relocated to tn to be closer to this little girl and make it easier to visit her and avoid interstate compact. almost 4 months later, i was told by a worker in tn that my homestudy was denied in arkansas. she told me the reason why is because my income is too low and that i cannot say that i am depending on the that childs adoption subsidy for most of its care. i have a very limited income but i am frugal and resourceful and always meet my needs and i know i could meet the needs of the child. i understand i can appeal but i wonder if i have any chance at all. already i have been told i am not the right person for my ashley and not what she needs.. she has been my daughter in my heart for almost a year now and letting go is not going to be easy. i could use some support and encouragement if there is any. and any advice i could get on how to appeal. thanks, donna
I'm so sorry to hear that! (((Hugs))) We were told that as long as you're able to maintain your expenses (rent, food, utilities, etc) money was not a very big issue. What is involved in the appeal?