Am waiting for a referral from Kemerovo region of Russia. Has anyone traveled to this region to adopt? Would appreciate any feedback.
Yes, we adopted our children from Kemerovo (Novokuznetsk).
I know personally director of the orphanage # 1. Where is your child located?
You can visit the Waters' Family web site: it is pretty similar with our trips to Kemerovo
Thanks for your reply. I did visit your website and was thrilled at your adoption journal. This has been so helpful. We are looking forward to traveling. As you may or may not know, Russian adoptions now require 2 trips (for most regions). The first trip is to meet the child and to accept the referral. The second is to attend the court hearings. We had to pick a region for our referral. We don't know when we will be matched with a child, but we hope soon. We did hear from Kemerovo yesterday, and they do have our paperwork and know what we are looking for. We are hoping for an infant girl.. Seeing the pictures of your daughter was so exciting. We may or may not have any pictures or medical information before we travel. In many cases parents are traveling with no information.
I hope all is going well with Bria. She is beautiful. I hope we are as lucky.
Again, thanks for your reply.
This is the Water's Family web page not mine, it just similar with our trip (Feb 2002).
If you need more help, I will be happy to help you.
God bless you
Dear Val:
I did know that this was not your website, sorry, I got confused. Lots of anxiety here, as you can imagine. Did you adopt a girl also? We are hoping to adopt an infant girl and possibly a toddler boy as well. How is your child doing? Can I e-mail you? My e-mail is
Thanks for your help.
I adopted my son from Prokopyevsk, Kemerovo region this past Christmas Day. I'm also the moderator to a yahoo group of families who've adopted from Kemerovo, both Prokop and Novo. If you'd like to join and post your question, there are many families who'd love to share their story and help you in any way they can.
If you have specific questions, please feel free to email me.