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We are in the process of adopting a toddler from Albania. Anyone else in this forum who has or is adopting from Albania? I would like to connect with other adoptive parents.
Thanks Ann
Albanian Adoptions
HI Smile

I adopted from Albania in 1991 Smile My daughter is now 14 years old - she was almost 4 years old when we adopted her from Vlore, Albania. Smile Actually - she will be 15 in a few weeks.

I know of 3 other families who adopted in 1991 and would LOVE to know of any others too.

Please feel free to contact me.

Albanian adoption
We adopted from Albania thru Bethany Christian Svs. in '97. Our daughter was almost 3 at time of adoption. Would love to chat with you regarding this...
Albanian Adoptions
That would be wonderful - my home email is ckeilin @ (remove spaces) or work ckeilin @ (remove spaces).

You can visit our website at [url][/url] - our daughter from Albania is on the family page. Smile

Looking forward to corresponding

Take care,
Albanian Adoption - current status?
I am interested in learning more about adoption from
Albania. Can anyone tell me the current status? Does
Bethany still do adoptions there? Or can one do
an independent adoption? Where do the kids
come from (what City?) How old are the children that are
availalbe? How long does it normally take? And what
is the general cost?

Thanks to anyone who can help.

Albanian Adoptions
Hi! From reading the information posted to the Albania international STATE GOV site, I believe two agencies currently work out of Albania.

I just started working for One World Adoptions at [url][/url] and will be working with my Albanian contacts to add Albania to their adoption programs. Smile

Perhaps once we get the program up and running, you can be one of our "pilot program families"!

Best wishes on your adoption journey,
Cyndi Keilin
Proud Mommy to
Becca b. 11/9/87 a. 8/24/91 - Vlore, Albania
Max b. 1/22/00 a. 4/24/01 - Semey, Kazakhstan
Thanks for the info (Albanian Adoption)
Thank you for the information on your agency!
I have started a new group for parents who have
adopted from the BAlkans (including Albania, Greece
Czech and Slovak Republics and the fomer Yugoslavia).
You can find it at [url][/url]

So far I know for sure that Bethany Christian Services
works in Albania. I have found two others but I think
they have ceased their programs. Nice to know someone
is going to fill in the gap.

wanting to adopt from albania
Hi, my husband and I are wanting to adopt from Albania. We have three children at home ages 9, 6 and 2 and would like to add a daughter between 2-6 to our family. I have contacted Bethany International and International Children's alliance as I believe they are the only two agencies that are licensed for Albania adoptions. Any words of wisdom, or other parents who have adopted from these agencies? I would love to hear your adoption stories. Thanks! blake
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