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The Gladney Center for Adoption- Ft. Worth, Texas (Formerly named Edna Gladney Home)
Adoptees & Birthparents
Have you registered with Gladney - now called The Gladney Center? Gladney now has a mutual consent registry for all their adoptees and birth parents. If you haven't registered, I recommend you do. You can call Gladney @ 817-922-6088 and ask for the Post Adoption Department to get the registration information or you can go to their web site at [url][/url] (click on registry services)for the registration information and form.
Gladney cannot tell you the adoptee or birth parent has registered until you both have registered.
Registering will cost you 15.00.
Once both the adoptee and birth parent/birth relative have registered with Gladney - a match is declared and both parties notified.
"The Gladney Center for Adoption" located in Ft. Worth, Texas has sold their facilities on Hemphill Street to the Ft.Worth School District and have moved to
6300 John Ryan Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76132-4122
or 1-800-Gladney
Birth Parents & Adoptees
When you contact Gladney ask for all "non-identifying information" they have on your birth child's adopted family/or birth mother, if you don't already have it.
You also need to ask if there has been any "activity or contact" in your file. Activity means any contact from the adoptee or adopted family or birth mother/birth family since the adoption. All contact is recorded in the adoptees and birth mothers file.
Did you know you can place letters and photo's of yourself in your Gladney file for your birth child or for your birth family?
Birth Parent -
It is very helpful and appreciated for the adoptee to have their birth parent (s) updated medical information in their file at the agency.
I wish everyone the best in their search.
Reunted Birth Mother