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hi...i'm doing a project on single parent adoption... i'm trying to analyze if there are any ramifications of single parent adoption (unmarried, not divorced) on the children...for example the children not having a proper role model....and whether such an adoption trend has any implications on the society...can anyone care to comment???
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I am also doing the same project. It is based on single, gay/lesbian, and bi-racial and inter-religioun adoption laws and rules. I mostly need information on state and federal laws and beliefs on these issues. Whatever information and help I can receive would be GREATLY appreciated. I am also doing this project because it greatly influences me. I feel as if this is very useful information. Thank you so much. If I could have this information by April 8-10 it would be ever so helpful THANK YOU!!!!!
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More than half the children in this country are being raised by one parent, either by choice or after living through the emotional upset/trauma of losing the other parent, often as the result of a bitter divorce. Adopted children coming into a home where their arrivals were planned for, anticipated with excitement, and celebrated have a pretty good thing going for them. Certainly beats the other choices: no parent(s) at all, a lifetime in foster care, or growing up in an orphanage, don't you think?
If it sounds as if I'm anti-marriage or against the traditional two-parent home, don't be misled. Certainly children benefit when they have two strong, mature adults navigating them through the tricky waters of growing up. Kids learn what they see and live. However, it's my experience that stability, consistency, and the recognition by a single mom or dad that their child needs to see "the whole picture" usually results in that parent taking responsibility to see that the child has positive role models of both sexes. I've adopted 3 boys and 6 girls and have made every effort to achieve that balance---with pretty good results, if I'm to believe what the kids---now grown---tell me!