I am an adoptee in search of my BM. The adoption was through VOA. I was born Sept. 1969. I noticed that a previous email said VOA in Shreveport burned down at one point. Which year did that happen? Also does anyone know of anyone staying there during Sept 1969 that may be able to help? I do not know my surname. Thanks James
[font=Comic Sans MS]I was at the VOA in S`port from Oct. 86 till Jan. 87. Opal was there when I was , and the offices were behind the house then. I know they still have offices in S`port, Alex. and in Monroe.I did call to ask about me being about to get some of the info from them about myself, I have so many memories about that time that I have blocked. Has anyone ever gotten any info from the VOA post-adoption? What are the legalities? Any info. will be much appreciated. Also, would be interested in hearing from any others girls that I might have been at the VOa with, maybe they could help me piece together some of the things I cant remember .[/font]
[font=Comic Sans MS]My son was born at Willis Knighten in Jan. 1987. Other hospitals used by the VOA at that time was Shumpert& LSU, that I know of. BEST OF LUCK TO ALL..... Krista[/font]
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[font=Comic Sans MS]"They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but then; it is only distance that seperates us."[/font]
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I was adopted from the VOA in s'port la. I have some nonidentiying info, but thats about it. My birthday is march 5, 1974. If anyone has any info, PLEASE contact me!!!
I was told the same thing I do know the fire occured after my birth year in 1973, good luck to you!!!
I have a website specific to searching from the Protestant Home for Babies maternity home in New Orleans. But it has a lot of LA specific search help.
[URL=""]Protestant Home for Babies[/URL]
If you are a birth-family member, be sure to register with the state's Reunion Registry.
[URL=""]Adoption Reunion Registry | Department of Children & Family Services | State of Louisiana[/URL]
And join ...
for Louisiana search assistance.
[url][/url] <- Members have been discussing record "fires" this week.
Hello, I emailed you quite a few years ago! I am attempting to search again. Do you have any suggestions? I am on the LA state registry and ISSR... Any other options for me?
I am in search of my birthmother or any family that may be out there. I was born at 10:00 a.m. on July 9, 1985 in Shreveport, LA. I am unsure of what hospital I was born in. The attending physician was Dr. W. Porche. My adoption was handled by the Volunteers of American in Shreveport.
According to my non-identifying information my birth mother was 14 at the time of my birth. She had dark hair, brown eyes, and was of French decent. She had one brother. She enjoyed reading, swimming, and hoped to become a vet. She and her brother lived in the house with my maternal grandmother and their step-father.
My father was 15 when I was born. He also had dark hair and brown eyes. He was of English decent and enjoyed sports. He had a sister. They lived at home with my paternal grandmother and grandfather. My grandfather worked with computers and my grandmother was not employed outside the home.
I was adopted through Volunteers of America in Shreveport, LA. Our case worker was Rita Powell.
My birthmother picked an older family to adopt me. Both of my parents were 38 at the time of my adoption. They are of the Protestant faith. My dad was a purchasing agent and my mother was a school teacher. In remarks given to me from the VOA, it indicated that my birthmom wanted me to be with a musically inclined family, both of my parents were in the band through highschool and in their adult lives.
In one letter that my birthmother wrote to me not long after I was born asked if it was ok for her to send birthday cards / presents through the VOA to me. She stated that our birthdays were close together. Birthmom, if you are reading this I want you to know that my parents would have LOVED that. However, the VOA never gave us the letter. It wasn't until I was 21 that I received it. I also have was given a stuffed basset hound from my birthmother on my first Christmas.
My birthmother did not live in the maternity home while she was pregnant with me.
I would love to be able to speak with my birth mother, father, grandparents, uncles, aunts... anybody! I grew up an only child and I'm sure I have some half brothers or sisters out there as well. I grew up always wanting to know why I look the way I do and why I enjoy some of the things I do. I would love to meet you. Where ever you are out there - birthmom and BF yall have a handsome grandson that I wish could have a relationship with you guys as well. He is wonderful and looks just like us!
If anybody has any information or suggestions please email me. My email address is
Hello. I am a female adoptee born Dec. 3, 1978 in Shreveport, LA. I was adopted through the VOA. I am looking for any information at all about my birth family.
Chatta, do you happen to remember anything? I would be so grateful if you did. We were told my birthmother was 18 when I was born.
Also, any advice about the process of searching would be really appreciated.
Thanks so much.
my email address is evaolsen445 AT
WOW, I was in the home too I think the year was around 1990. I knew and remember Opal so well, she would take us to Jefferson TX to the historical homes. I was 15 while I was there, I later gave birth to a beautiful B/F baby:drive: . I cant remember the time she was born but she was the most beautiful baby I had ever saw. It killed me to have to put her up for adoption. I guess ive forgotten so much because this is something Ive had to deal with on my own all these years. Ive never been able to talk to anyone. Im not sure what hurts more, putting one child up for adoption or two. I just hope they would understand why I did what I did. I also hope they were raised with good people but I wont be able to rest until oneday I can see for myself that they are ok. THANKS
you can go to the web site LOST DAUGHTERS and get so much help with your feelings on the adoption process
For almost 20 yeas on and off I have been searching for my wife's birth family. We have all the non-identifiable information VOA of Shreveport could provide on our first visit and on the second visit we provided them with my wife's birth name and the lady looked at the information she said and asked, "How'd you know that?" kinda confirming our information is correct, we explained how and she nodded with a smile. However, without forking out $2000+ I have hit nothing but brick walls. I had a name to a lady in Blanchard, Louisiana who had successfully located birth families for almost nothing but I lost her name and # before I could contact her.
I was adopted through VOA born at Schumpert Hospital July 30, 1973. My Biological Mother is deceased. My now deceased biological mother lived at the VOA house?