What US state is the quickest for finalization of adoption?
We live abroad and want to bring our baby directly from India to the US, then proceed home to Europe (we are American). We need to find a state in the US where we can adopt in as little time as possible. Anyone have any ideas? That would mean no 6 month waiting periods, etc.

- Deirdre
I am by no means an expert, I was just surfing and saw your message. I have a book called The Complete Idiot's Guide to Adoption (printed in 1998) which lists on pages 120-123 comparisons of several categories including "time to finalize". The states it lists with the shortest time to finalize are: Alaska/20days, Arkansas/11days, Kentucky/upon placement, Indiana/at least 30 days. There are several with 3 months as the finalization time. I hope this helps.

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US states that finalize adoption quickly
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I have heard that Arkansas is very fast/no red tape. The way I heard this was through that awful internet adoption story recently, where an American mother gave her child up to an American family and then changed her mind and gave it to a British family who offered more money--the British family took the baby to Arkansas, finalized the adoption, and flew home, it seemed like immediately.
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